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The objective of Regain is to help patients regain the Strength, Confidence & Faith in oneself, God, the treating Doctor & above all life. Regain will provide innovative options to deliver medications that are patient friendly and options that will ensure effective management of patients.


  • The SECUREport is a totally implantable intracorporeal access system.
  • Specifically designed to permit repeated infusions of therapeutic solutions.
  • Reduces the risk of traditional intracorporeal catheters.
  • Reduces the need for repeated and painful vascular punctures.
  • It does not require complicated & risky positioning procedures.


VENOUS : Infusion of chemotherapics and antibiotics, Infusion of nutritional solutions, Infusion of blood components/derivatives, Infusion of antalgic drugs, Blood withdrawal.

ARTERIAL : For the continuous (or bolus) infusion of chemotherapics for the loco-regional treatments.

SPINAL : For the continuous (or bolus) infusion of analgesic drugs in the treatment of chronic pain.

POWER : For Power Injection of contrast media up to 5ml / sec.

Power - Injection

    Infusion of contrast media for the performance of diagnostic assesements as CT and MNR.
    High flow injection (up to 5ml/s) of a very viscous fluid through an infusion line including that involves a central venous Catheter and it is fed by a volumetric pump with a nominal pressure threshold of 300psi (20,4 atm - 20,7 bar ) - real values beyond 350psi

The Infusion Line

PERFORMANCE: The infusion system is able to obtain the desired flow rates SAFETY: The elements of the system withstand the pressure induced by "Power" Infusion

Packaging Configuration

All-In-One package contains the components of the standard package plus the introducer set components

    Port Chamber
    Huber Needle 22 G x 25.4 mm
    Blunt Needle
    Peel-away dilator-introducer
    18 G introducer needle
    0,89 mm J-Guidewire
    Stainless Steel tunneler
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